After numerous requests to join J5 from a current member, I finally managed to get up enough nerve to finally do it! A year and a half later … it was the best decision I ever made! I’ve found my strength inside and out again.

Amanda M

I have always been an athlete, playing college soccer, but have never had the desire to workout without someone pushing me. J5 and the amazing coaches, not only push you, they don’t let you give up!

Kristen H

When I tried it, I realized there are quality coaches and a program guaranteed to maximize gains while minimizing injuries. Yeah, some days it kicks your a$$, but there is always someone right there rooting for you to finish!

Lem D

J5 CrossFit has allowed me to do things I thought were impossible and the community that pushes me each day makes the fight worth it.

Ryan M

J5 CrossFit is more than a place to work out; it’s a place where strangers turn into family. J5 is my second home, a place where I can be myself while bettering myself.

Jamie B

J5 is more than just a gym. It’s a family. The new people look at the veterans like they are crazy. The veterans cheer on the new people and before you know it the “new people” are crazy cheering on the new-new people!

Matt M

J5 CrossFit is where I found new meaning of fitness and how to be healthy. It’s simply amazing how people make this place home. Jordan, Lyndy and many other people are now dear to my heart.


Starting CrossFit was absolutely the best thing I could have ever done for myself. It has made me into the human I was designed to be; strong, keen, kind and confident.

John S

J5 Crossfit is nothing like have ever experienced before. From your first class at the box up until your a veteran, you get the same warm welcome from our “family” every single time!

John C

J5’s coaches are the best, always going above and beyond. As a firefighter, who’s job demands the highest physical and mental stressors, J5 helps to prepare me for both in a great atmosphere.

Steve N