Sabrina Torti

Operations Manager

I came to J5 CrossFit pretty much the day it opened. I followed my personal trainer from a globo-gym where he was training me in CrossFit style – when I got to unleash the restraints of the “gym rules” I was hooked! Then as J5 began to grow and I was able to workout along side other members I realized I would never workout any other way!!

When I’m not at J5 for various different things, I own an event planning company. I started my business 15 years ago after encouragement from friends and family and to have control over my schedule when I had kids. To allow Jordan to fully focus on the training, programming and customer service of J5 I offered to take over the events, accounting and daily operations.

I love everything about J5 and the community and therefore I’m honored to be a small part of creating a place where people can find strength and drive they never knew they had!

  • Favorite thing about coaching? I’m not a coach, although I would love to be one someday…In the meantime I listen and learn from our coaches and offer advice to class when I can.
  • First CrossFit WOD & when? Karen – 3 years ago – it wasn’t timed, probably took me 20 mins and I sat down at one point. My current Karen is 8:13.
  • Least favorite benchmark? Diane – hspu don’t like me.
  • Favorite benchmark? Honestly, Fran – I have shown the most improvement with this one.
  • Which CrossFit movement is totally in your wheelhouse? Currently Pressing.
  • Favorite Cheat Meal? Pasta
  • Favorite Supplement? Progenex Recovery
  • Favorite CrossFit Athlete? Kara Webb & Brooke Ence. First, I think my body type is most like these ladies and therefore they are my image role models. Second, they are just cool chicks! Well at least what I can tell from social media and such. They are leaders in their community and a great representation of hard work and undying spirit.
  • Advice to new CrossFit Athletes? Come in, give it your all and enjoy the process!
  • If you could have one super power what would it be? To stop time. There is so much I want to do and not enough time to do it.
  • Tell us one thing about yourself not related to CrossFit? I used to work in Civil Engineering. I was a drafter and land surveyor. Some days I really miss being outside with 50lbs of pack on my back, hacking my way through the woods.