Andrew Unfried

Resident Chiropractor

As a Chiropractor, Active Release Technique (ART) Provider, and Crossfitter, myself, I understand what the body goes through with each WOD and the injuries that can happen. I understand how the body is made to move and why it isn’t performing at its peak potential. I have a firm belief that a body in motion will stay in motion. With chiropractic and ART care along with CrossFit we will keep you moving and make you a better athlete.

I used to do the traditional muscle isolation back and biceps/ chest and triceps. I absolutely got burnt out with the same thing over and over again. My first WOD was a simple Front squat and ring row AMRAP. I was sore the whole week. The workout put my view of fitness into perspective. I never get bored/plateau with the ever-changing workouts of CrossFit. I love that CrossFit honors our fallen countrymen and names workouts after them.

My strengths are body weight movements like pull ups and push-ups, although Olympic lifting is growing on me. My favorite Benchmark WODs are Cindy, Angie and the infamous Murph.

My advice to new CrossFit athlete is that exercise wasn’t made to be easy, that’s why some people choose not to do it. I always remember, no matter how bad this seems, I know that it will soon be over and I will feel amazing at what I accomplished.

The whole reason I went into my profession is to help people reach their goals whether it is being able to pick up their child or being able to pick up twice their body weight. Becoming a member of the J5 team, I absolutely love to hear when a member has reached a goal, especially knowing what their pain was prohibiting them from doing before.