J5 CrossFit Collinsville, IL

What is CrossFit?

J5 CrossFit Collinsville offers a strength and conditioning program which is designed to increase general preparedness and mobility.  This means that all the movements performed are functional in nature and mimic those used in your daily life.  Lifting objects, moving your body from one point to another, or pulling on objects.  These are all types of activities performed in the daily workouts.

We vary the workouts on a daily basis to ensure all movements are covered and to avoid boredom.  This varied workout will ensure your body learns to response to all situations and movements we require in everyday life.

Performing these movements at a high intensity servers many purposes.  It keeps our heart rates up, thus allowing us to get our workout in, even with everyone’s busy schedule.  We do not measure our workouts in calories burned, but in intensity and work capacity.  This measurement will allow you to concentrate on improvement even with such varied exercises.

We know that if you give CrossFit your all… CrossFit will give you our goal of reduction of weight or increase in mass.  Your goals will guide you on your intensity level, while our coaches work with motivating you in a safe atmosphere.

Meet our Coaches
Jordan Unfried Owner, Operator, Head Coach

Tim Mead Coach

Andrew Unfried Resident Chiropractor

Cody Jackson Coach


J5 CrossFit

  • (618) 551-0445

  • 9500 Collinsville Rd, Collinsville, IL 62234

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